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The Octopus Solution Lectures at Suffolk University Business School

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Last night Professor Jorge Riveras hosted The Octopus Solution for his International Business class at Suffolk University, Sawyer School of Management.  We were honored to join the class of 30 MBA students who were in the process of learning about corporate structures, organization and business productivity.

We had the pleasure of speaking about the work we do relating to Performance Management and Leadership with our clients and the results we have achieved.  It was great for them to see how the lessons they were learning about regarding organization structure and performance  are applied in the real business world and what benefits they provide.

We started the class  by discussing many of the issues the students see with the companies they are presently working for and most, if not all, were performance management issues.  We talked about the impacts of poor organization structures and architecture and how that can lead to poor communications, break-downs in teamwork and disorganization.

The class asked many fantastic questions about the results we generate with performance management and were very engaged in the classroom discussion.  We would like to thank Professor Riveras for having our company as a guest speaker and to the class for being great participants.

Thank you Suffolk University!


Performance Management and your YMCA Program Directors

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Does your Fitness, Aquatics, Youth, Camps, Special Programs, etc have a tendency to end up in their own silo’s? In many Y’s these program directors tend to get bogged down in their own world and do not see the other departments around them.  Break free and Climb Higher!

Side Note:  In a larger YMCA (even with a single location) the importance of a Chief Operating Officer is critical for managing performance and communications across the program boundaries.

Performance Management aligns the actions and plans of program departments to that of the CEO and Board’s Strategic Plan.  And provides performance measures, systems of accountability, communications, and how to manage the process to achieve the strategic objectives of the Y.

Many organizations do not review the foundation and structure of their Y before creating a strategic plan.  Once they try to execute a strategic plan they discover that the organization structure does not support the plan needs and demands.  The plan must be built on the strengths of the organization structure.  Many times we adjust the organization structure for maximum performance, THEN design the plan, THEN guide our clients through successfully executing the plan, and THEN complete the objectives successfully.

Performance Management will help to better communication in your organization, increase production, boost member satisfaction and solidify teamwork.

If you are interested in speaking with us about our Performance Management system and how it provides your YMCA with a break-through method for managing and executing, please email us at:  info@theoctopussolution.com