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The Octopus Solution Lectures at Suffolk University Business School

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Last night Professor Jorge Riveras hosted The Octopus Solution for his International Business class at Suffolk University, Sawyer School of Management.  We were honored to join the class of 30 MBA students who were in the process of learning about corporate structures, organization and business productivity.

We had the pleasure of speaking about the work we do relating to Performance Management and Leadership with our clients and the results we have achieved.  It was great for them to see how the lessons they were learning about regarding organization structure and performance  are applied in the real business world and what benefits they provide.

We started the class  by discussing many of the issues the students see with the companies they are presently working for and most, if not all, were performance management issues.  We talked about the impacts of poor organization structures and architecture and how that can lead to poor communications, break-downs in teamwork and disorganization.

The class asked many fantastic questions about the results we generate with performance management and were very engaged in the classroom discussion.  We would like to thank Professor Riveras for having our company as a guest speaker and to the class for being great participants.

Thank you Suffolk University!


8 Things Every Business Owner Must Know to be Highly Successful

Thank you for taking your time to read our Blog.  We want to give you our best when it comes to delivering information that has helped us and our clients.  We are interested in your success and giving away what we know to you.  We have had hundreds of monster successes with our companies and just as many pitfalls.  The pitfalls are where the learning happens and we have had years of  experience to be able to bring to you our very best.

As a business owner many people are looking to you for answers and the buck really does stop with you.  I am sure you know the feeling of being “lonely at the top”.  It is true we have big rolls to play in this world as business owners because we create jobs, influence people, make others money, and much more.  We should always look at what we have done and ask…”did we do our best?”  and if the answer is no, then we figure out if we need to fix what we did and make sure we fully understand the learning lessons.  The 8 things every business owner must know are not new concepts, but ones we feel important enough to remind you of and make you aware that these have been part of our success and the successes of our clients.

  1. Be a good listener – being a good listener means paying attention to what the other person means, but may not be saying.  How many of us can be in a meeting and look at our phones or drift off into thoughts about we are going to do when we leave the meeting.  STOP!  You are not giving your best to the person you are speaking to and may miss critical things said.  This is a very simple concept, but how many times do we fail at doing it?
  2. Honor your word – There are many things we see and hear going on around us and in the news that are not honorable and we start to wonder what is going on in this world and where have all the leaders gone?  Then we start letting our word/honor slip and lower ourselves to those around us.  How many times have you told someone you would call them back and not meant it?  Even cold callers!  We have all done it at one point.  You want the other person off the phone so fast that you give them the “I will look over your stuff and call you back”, but you never do.  If you want to become powerful and know you are doing the right thing…Honor your Word and never compromise!
  3. Define your company’s standards – How do we know as business owners or employees what guidelines and behavior we must hold with each other?  Simple.  We live by a set of common standards that our employees and owners commit to upholding.  If you want to raise the bar you need to communicate a base line of standards.  Writing down your personal standards is also a good idea to provide you insight and guidelines for living your life.  I have a list by which I choose to live my life by and it defines the criteria by which I make decisions in life.
  4. Lead by example – What is leadership?  Leadership is doing 2 things: Accomplishing your mission & taking care of your people (employees, customers, stakeholders, etc.).   When you are mission focused it creates energy and people with allow themselves to be led and if they know they will be taken care of by you and more importantly Trust you, then you will achieve the objectives as a cohesive team.  This is a simplification of leadership and there is a lot more to it, but accomplishing the mission/goals and taking care of your people will give you a great outline for moving forward.
  5. Have a strategy – Sun Tzu said that every battle is won before it is ever fought.  That speaks to the planning needed to grow a business.  If you are running by the seat of your pants and making stuff up as you go, then you are going to find you are not moving fast and will most likely be putting out fires all day long and not running a business.  We have developed a tool to help business owners create and implement strategy successfully.
  6. Find balance – As business owners we can work 80-100 hours per week and easily become workaholics.  You are not as powerful of a person if you do not have balance.  My business partner and I have run 5 companies between us before and we got lost in the rat race and started working around the clock.  My family suffered.  My physical appearance suffered.  Doing what we loved as hobbies suffered.  And our motivation, clarity and energy suffered.  Find a way to balance what you are doing.  If you are overwhelmed you are not asking for help.
  7. Ask for help – Does anyone think that asking for help puts you in a position of looking like you can’t accomplish the task on your own?  NOT TRUE!  You can not build a super star business on your own.  You need help and it is OK to ask.  Delegate or ask for help will allow you to manage and lead effectively.  Do not try and do things alone when there are many people that would be willing to help you.  Build a solid team of advisers that you can Trust to help you when you have tough decisions to make or need to bounce ideas off someone.
  8. Do not follow the pack – you play in a pond with other competitors and there can be a tendency to look around at what all the others are doing and copy it.  Well this will not differentiate you in the market or make you stand out.  Be bold and take some calculated risks to make your business known.  The bold survive!

We are business owners and need to step up our game and constantly learn and improve.  People’s livelihood hinge on our ability to run successful companies and bring wealth to our communities.  You are not alone in the battle for success.