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Find Your YMCA MoJo

The MoJo of your YMCA is the energy it admits on a daily basis.  The energy level of your staff and environment can make or break a YMCA.  Y employees will tell you that “if you know one YMCA, then you know only that one YMCA!”

All YMCA’s are different and each have their own personality and character.  Each have their own MoJo!  The MoJo is that little special energy that gives a YMCA that positive spirit that connects with staff and members.

Your YMCA Mojo starts with your employees.  If your YMCA has a personality it is because of leadership and staff character, energy and passion.  YMCA employees are special because most have a higher purpose given the type of organization they work for.  When employees are YMCA Mission driven it shows in their performance and action.

At the front desk-Welcome Center, do you have high spirit employees that are service driven with the ability to get things done?  Does your fitness staff know how to provide the personal attention and touch for members?  Is your CEO and upper management actively engaged in setting the tone and leading by example?

The only way to generate a higher level of MoJo at your YMCA is to lead by example.  Raise your bar for what you bring to your office, job, organization and live a higher purpose.

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Performance Management and your YMCA Program Directors

Attention:  Our Blog has been transferred to our new website.  Our new website will go live late next week.  We are excited to present it to you and all our clients. Back to the YMCA…

Does your Fitness, Aquatics, Youth, Camps, Special Programs, etc have a tendency to end up in their own silo’s? In many Y’s these program directors tend to get bogged down in their own world and do not see the other departments around them.  Break free and Climb Higher!

Side Note:  In a larger YMCA (even with a single location) the importance of a Chief Operating Officer is critical for managing performance and communications across the program boundaries.

Performance Management aligns the actions and plans of program departments to that of the CEO and Board’s Strategic Plan.  And provides performance measures, systems of accountability, communications, and how to manage the process to achieve the strategic objectives of the Y.

Many organizations do not review the foundation and structure of their Y before creating a strategic plan.  Once they try to execute a strategic plan they discover that the organization structure does not support the plan needs and demands.  The plan must be built on the strengths of the organization structure.  Many times we adjust the organization structure for maximum performance, THEN design the plan, THEN guide our clients through successfully executing the plan, and THEN complete the objectives successfully.

Performance Management will help to better communication in your organization, increase production, boost member satisfaction and solidify teamwork.

If you are interested in speaking with us about our Performance Management system and how it provides your YMCA with a break-through method for managing and executing, please email us at:  info@theoctopussolution.com

Market Timing…Lose Weight Now

Part of marketing is knowing who your customer is and how to communicate with them.  This means understanding the values of your customer and being able to bridge the gap of your company and the customer with your marketing message.  It is critical to know what message will connect with potential customers because it will increase your probability of turning that potential customer into a client.

Equally as important as knowing who you customer is, how to communicate with them, where to find them, what their values are, and why they purchase is…

When!  When should you approach your potential customers to have the highest probability of success?  I believe there is no better example of market timing than the fitness industry just after New Years.

With everyone and their grandmother making a New Year’s resolution to get into better shape, eat healthier, etc, the fitness industry has capitalized on this by launching major marketing campaigns via TV, Direct Mail, bill boards, magazine ads, and the list goes on.  They know the best time to target their market is just after the New Year.  Many of you may have noticed this through a build up of marketing starting in November…most fitness facilities will aggressively market in November through December to ramp up for maximum exposure for when the New Year roles around.

It is  important to time the release of your marketing campaigns and know when to attack.  What are your big campaign times and how far in advance to you plan and how far in advance do you release?