Our Mission

To guide companies, business owners and executives to become the organization, leader or manager they have always wanted to be.

Our Name

The Octopus Solution’s name came about when we developed our performance management model, which just so happened to have 8 divisions.  After we came up with the 8 divisions: Strategy, HR, External Marketing, Sales, Operations, Quality Control, Internal Marketing, and Finance, the name Octopus jumped out at us.  The octopus model became a single solution for companies to manage and execute.  We literally wrote down the name at Stella’s in Newburyport, MA on a napkin! The next day Eric’s four-year-old son, Sean, said, “Are you going to work on The Octopus Solution today daddy?” The name stuck ever since.

Our Company

Founded by entrepreneurs Bill Nolan & Eric Curtis–The Octopus Solution focuses on consulting and guidance in the areas of Performance Management, Leadership Development and Strategic Marketing.  We believe in the power and potential of your vision and our experience to guide your company to greater success.

The Octopus Solution approach is to help our client’s link the present to the future and be the manager or leader they have always wanted to be.  Your vision, mission and goals are our objectives and deliverables.  We help create steps to obtain your goals, organize your business, develop teamwork, and lead with maximum results.

Break through your barriers and move forward.

Our clients, employees, and communities recognize us as a firm that:

  • Leads by Example
  • Follows through on commitments
  • Strives for Excellence
  • Holds high standards
  • Maintains client confidentiality

Join us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/theoctopussolution

To Greater Success!


3 responses to “About

  1. Very interesting, I like your positive upbeat attitude in a business world where everyone is hiding under a rock waiting for the storm to pass. I know it will not pass soon, thus we are all required to dig in deep and do better in the face of declining revenues. I will be calling you for help. I think I need your skills.

  2. Hey guys, nice to meet you at the Fishbowl today- what my cousin/biz partner & I call our store- BlueFish, in Edgartown.

  3. tos8.wordpress.com

    Thanks for following!

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