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The Importance of the YMCA History

One of the biggest assets any business has is the history of your business.  History creates a foundation for being able to support an organization whether it be through purchasing, partnership, support, or loyalty.  Many organizations train new employees using the history of the firm during their orientation process. This provides a foundation and understanding of where the company came from and what they are fighting/working for.  The United States Marine Corps uses its great history to teach it’s recruits during basic training.  Do you think Marines are proud to be Marines and loyal to their “company”?

We are taught our country’s great history in school growing up and most of us develop a loyalty and allegiance to the United States of America.  Why?  Why does that happen?  It happens because we connect to the success stories and people that have made our country great and we develop a loyalty and passion for defending and part of our great nation.  So let’s take that same idea and principle into our companies and get more energy from the employee’s and more brand loyalty from our customers.  The YMCA has one of the most impressive history’s of any organizations or company we have ever herd of…

The YMCA is a non-profit with a vast history.  How many organizations do you know that invented basketball and volleyball.  Pioneered Camping, Public Libraries, Night Schools, and Teaching English as a Second Language?  YMCA introduced the worlds first indoor swimming pool and group swim lessons.

The YMCA’s have provided the proper environment for ideas and organizations to be born:  The Boys Scouts of America, Camp Fire Girls, the Negro National Baseball League, Toastmasters, Hallmark Cards, Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, and Father’s Day.

The YMCA has help build our country and have been visited by many U.S. Presidents.  The majority of employees, members and community members probably do not know about all the great things the YMCA has done.   Do you think it is worth it to tell people about the YMCA History?  Marketing the History?…

….We do.  History builds foundation and loyalty.  The organization is a non-profit and many people may need to be reminded about what the YMCA stands for.  The YMCA is more than just a fitness center, BUT do your members and communities know that?


Are You Counting Down the Days….??????

10 Days or 242 Hours or 14,467 Minutes or 868,070 Seconds as of Monday (12/14/09) at 6:05am EST

Yes that is the Christmas countdown clock.  Retailers have just 10 short days to squeeze as much revenue out of the public as possible.  I am a big fan of spending time with my family for christmas and my 6-year-old was just telling me this past weekend that Christmas is about presents.

By the way there are only several buckets of presents you can fit into as a child today:

  1. Video Gaming
  2. Action Figures (Transformers, GI Joe, Batman, Cars, etc)
  3. Legos (holy crap have you seen how many different types there are?)
  4. Sports Stuff (Bicycle, Hockey, Basketball, Tiger killed Golf)
  5. Misc. – Red Rider BB Gun and a NRA membership

The marketing around these toys is amazing.  Think of the transition of introducing the concept of an action figure from a comic book to a movie, then to a DVD, Then to a toy, and then to a collectable toy.  My son wanted the Batman Two Face LEGO Character for Christmas, well they do not make it any more, so the set is now $315 OR you can buy the small, little, tiny, will get lost in the vacuum figure for $50…are you serious?  What an amazing job creating so much demand that the supply can rival the price of fine jewelry.

Most toys being made these days start as comic book heros or Pixar Studio Ideas and then make their way to the production line.  Think about the movie Cars!

In its opening weekend, Cars grossed $75.1 million, lower than previous Pixar films such as The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. In the United States, the film held onto the number 1 spot for two weeks before being surpassed by Click and then by Superman Returns the following weekend. It went on to gross $461 Million worldwide (ranking number 6 in 2006 films) and $244,082,982 in the United States . It was the highest-grossing animated film of 2006 in the United States.

Estimates from the New York Daily News indicate that sales of Cars merchandise two weeks out from the release of the film amounted to US$600 Million. Estimates put out in November by the Walt Disney Company peg total sales for the brand at around $1 Billion…And Growing!

The Merchandising of the movie made double the amount of revenue than the movie and it continues to grow.  There is also another Cars movie being made with new characters, which means new merchandise.

So what controls movie creation these days?  Story or Merchandising?